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Unfinished ideas that I had for a future album titled "bedbug." (except for the last song, thats new.) These ideas have no place in my life anymore.


released May 6, 2017

All songs written by Morgan Motes



all rights reserved


We Will Get There Eventually Gainesville, Florida

North Florida emosadbedroompoptwinkleantifolk core.

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Track Name: World
I want to be your everything,
I want to be the world.

I want to be the sidewalk,
on your favorite street.
I want to be heaven,
I want to be a dream.
Track Name: Appalachians
We can cover our ceiling,
With plastic stars,
But we will never have to wish on them,
because below I'll be in your arms.

We can cover the floor,
With cardboard boxes,
and I can make you tea
When you're feeling nauseas

I miss something real,
I miss something I feel
Only a few more days
till next Friday

Oh I can see it now,
A wife and a dog and a cat
and a pig and a fish,
in an old dusty house
with an old dusty fence.

And if you don't like school,
Well baby we can move,
We can rent a place
in the Appalachians,
and I can work at a gas station
and you could pick apples
and smile all the time
and every other Friday
we could go to the cafe,
oh life could be so nice.
Track Name: Snaggy
My baby girl shines
Brighter than yours,
My baby girl shines,
Brighter than yours,

She will make you religious
At the bottom of the night,
She acts like water
When your tongue is dry,
And you can get so lost
In her emerald eyes,

My baby girl shines
Brighter than yours,
My baby girl shines,
Brighter than yours,

She will get you drunk
At the top of a mountain,
She can do the math,
When you're still finger countin'
And bring your ass to some
Hippy commune,
And she'll never wake you up,
Before it is noon, yeah

My baby girl shines
Brighter than yours,
My baby girl shines,
Brighter than yours,
Track Name: Beach
Well its been a few days since
I've had a drink and
and I'd say I'm doing it for you
but I know
You're doing it for me.

I had your number written on my hand,
I was gonna call you,
But i got your voice mail.
Baby i know your busy,
Ill try to keep it together
for this week

I will go to sleep,
With my tongue in my mouth,
With one hand in the other,
Now whats that all about?

I found an angel,
When I was drunk on the beach
And after she kissed me,
I started to speak
"baby do you want to
watch the moon
Disappear with me?"
But is been four years
And she's still here.
Track Name: Hive
Goodbye brother, sister,
In the sky full of blisters
From its taking,
Goodbye humble prayers
Till I’m on a road
Leading nowhere,
We had a those rough winters
Writing letters
In December saying
it is not your fault,

You gave me a full life,
You gave me big blue eyes,
And wonderful cries,
Hello sweet buildings
Dirty skies and empty ceilings
I’m all broken now,
Goodbye dear friends,
But what’s to end
Has already ended
But ill miss those
Sweet summer long talks,
And sneaking out
To get fucked up,
You gave me lots of help
When i really needed out
But I’m out now,
But you know you can
Call me up,
And I'll be there
Before the morning comes.

On my easy drive
I saw angels in the sky,
Shining bright
Swooning to gods light,

Florescent lights from above
hang down, and illuminate my little bed bug.
It's got me, sunk deep into a chair, breathing in nothing but us.
It's got me, sunk deep into a chair, breathing in nothing but us.
Track Name: It was me trying to convince myself that you were not the person that you had proven yourself to be.
You mean nothing to me,
You used to be my everything,
I hope that karma finds you,
And I hope that
you don't know what to do,
I hope you feel lost
and afraid,
I hope it gets worse and worse everyday.

I took your paintings off the wall,
I filled a trash bag with sin,
I hope you never love again.