The Elephant in the Room.

by We Will Get There Eventually

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Cover photography by Cody Randolph.
I never feel cleaner than I do after I step off stage.
I think this captures the essence of my performing.


released August 2, 2015



all rights reserved


We Will Get There Eventually Gainesville, Florida

North Florida emosadbedroompoptwinkleantifolk core.

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Track Name: It's Cold Outside.
Breathing Macon air,
In the rolling hills of Georgia.
A piece of me lives there,
That kicks off its converse
At the door.
Hiding behind the moving parts.
An angel lives there, and she
Can’t hide from our eyes
And she, can’t escape
my mind.
Pushing my fingertips on these strings,
Wishing it would change anything.
I cant change a thing.

Stumble through footprints,
Trying to find where I lost myself.
Where did I lose myself?

In the chattahoochee river
Is where I drowned myself in change.
And I don't know if I want to be back again.
Track Name: Simply Acrylic.
Binge watching the past
There is stars in these photographs
The people that we wanted to be
Why is there tears in your eyes,
And paint on your fingers,
Is there something you're trying to say

You're simply acrylic
One layer does the job,
But I'm simply dependent
Ill wait here and rot
Until you grab my hands
And take me away
And if you don't,
I'll just wait anyway.

We'd toy with the idea that you
Loved me again,
And I'll find the answer in that,
Through this ink in my pen
Id check up on you,
If you wanted that
But I bet you don't,
So close your eyes
and watch my back,

Binge watching the past,
there is tears on these photographs,
How can I relive you and me,
Why is there nothing in your eyes,
and no ring on your finger,
is there something you just cant say?
Track Name: Landscape In Blue.
Through an artist eye,
I was Pulled in through riptide.
I Know that the grass is always
greener on the other side.

Felt you pull my shirt,
Felt you pull me in close,
Felt you take another dose
Of everything I had to give.

There was a grin on my face,
my palms sweat so scared,
and nervously I grabbed you,
and you kissed me impaired.
Though the worlds an ugly place,
Full of regrets and mistakes,
But what a distraction,
Finally awakening,
we are right where we belong.
yeah we are right where we belong,
we are right where we belong,
Try telling me different.

The night sky in bloom,
we followed stars into your room,
and laid by you again,
like our bodies were in a tomb.

Picures filled with lies,
followed doubt into my eyes,
why would I hang it on the wall,
if the past was dead and gone,

I got home,
why did I even go home,
and fill my head with her,
Its never safe to be alone with me.
Track Name: In My Favourite Hoodie.
Walking home all alone
My headphones will be my friend
And I'm standing up now,
But I know im gonna fall down again
I dont wanna be alone
But I dont wanna be with you
And i cant find anything in between
thoes un even lines

You're running from the light
And your shoes are untied
I bet your happy
I bet your laughing
With them in the dark
But just a few weeks ago
You were crying in my arms
And I dont know how to comfort you
I don't know how to comfort me
You're running from the light
And your shoes are untied
I bet your happy
I bet your laughing
With them in the dark
But just a few weeks ago
You were crying in my arms
and I hope we both die,
and we all go to heaven,
looking at the clock and its eleven eleven,
its time to make a wish
do you want me to leave,
or do you want me to stay here,
for you to dampen my sleeve,
but youre turning away from me,
yeah Ill take the hint,
walking down twisted roads,
hear my tears hit the cement

I found my crooked bed
But I cant find a dream
I'm just looking at the ceiling
With a frown up on my face
Track Name: Black Friday.
About a year ago, we took a vow
And they took a picture that I can’t look at now
And they asked me what I was thankful for,
so I took my hand and I held yours,
And I love you now, like I loved you then
But then you went and changed yourself again
I wonder now just like I wondered then
If you love me at all or if you don’t see anything
worth fighting for.

I was lost in thought in our present time
When they brought out the food and said it was time to eat.

And they asked me what I was thankful for
And I held my hand and I looked at the floor.
Walked out to my porch, smoked a cigarette
Like we did before you were gone away.
We had gnomes all across the lawn,
And I had my smoke and I walked through the yard.

Found myself all in tears on an old dirt road
I hadn't seen in years.
I used to sneak there when I was a kid,
To hide from my dad and maybe slit my wrist.
I love you now just like I loved you then,
But I can’t say that no that’s a secret

When I went back to my family’s house
They look concerned and said they had their
Doubts about me,
And I have my doubts about them.

Old aunt motes has the cancer again,
But her son is gone working on his Friday savings.
The sales are up so who gives a fuck,
About your loved ones or the ones who love you

I’m just the eye soar of my family
But I love them and they love me.

About a year ago, I watched the cityscape
And I took you for nachos and you took me for steak.
And I love you now
Just like I loved you then
But you moved on,
Just like I was expecting?
I hope you’re happy
I hope you’re happy
I hope your happy
I hope you’re happier than me
Track Name: Jill's House.
I'm lost, just like you
and your'e lost just like me,
so shouldn't that mean we could live together
and be happy?
I guess it didn't mean the same thing to you,
when you told me that you loved me.
I guess I didn't mean to say anything,
when I held your hand and kissed your cheek.
We could have left it all at that,
maybe then I would save myself from this heart attack,
maybe then I wouldn't be wearing all black.

I'm tired of writing sad songs,
and trying to find some place that I feel I belong.
when you left me on main street,
I pretended I was fine as I began to leave,
but the first second I knew you couldn't see
I fell to the ground and busted my knees.
I opened my arm to watch myself bleed,
and went home and painted every nail black,
To symbolize your touch,
and the lack of my trust.
I went home, and smoked cigarettes back to back.

So I guess you love him now, I guess I don't understand,
how to love anyone else but you.
Won't you float away with me?
Leave behind everything you want to be.
We can stick the gun, deep in our throat.

And let our creativity explode into a painting on the wall,
wont you be my painting on the wall?
I'd be yours.

If you ever decide that you love me again,
I'm here just keep me posted.

I don't sleep anymore,
I wan't to pretend my life is a dream.
can't I toss you into my unconsciousness,
and just pretend this is a bad dream.
I can't stomach food anymore,
nothing taste like your lips.
oh god throw me into this heart breaking fit, don't let me live on,
don't let me go like this.
Track Name: Thickly Painted.
I like it when the dragonflies
hit the lightbulbs,
I was crying in the backseat of my car.
I Built this when my days were more valuable
Dancing in the graveyard of gods,
Now Keeping my head in the clouds,
Nothingness never felt so complete,
We hid our depression under layers of skin,
Sometimes i miss seeing things

When i hear your name.
I hear your name.
At some point you just move on,
Goodluck never got anyone
Anywhere at all,
But I wear emotion
On my wrist sleeve,
I have to believe I'm better,
To get me through the day,
Everything will be outdated,
It rained sideways,
I saw it through the window,
In this house thats far to big for me,
We are so small,
And we hide inside big buildings,
Measuring our days in coffee mugs,
we stay awake for nothing,
when a cold wind blows,
I just feel warmer,
I just feel nothing.
I am fools gold.